FRP sculpture sculpture art history in China
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Date: 2019-02-28
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Author: 佚名

Chinese sculpture art history can be traced back to the neolithic age. Sculpture technology from the stone carving cutting grinding, pottery molded plastic fire. Image as a decorative pottery on additional characters or animals, especially animals pottery, made his practical and ornamental pottery pottery sculpture.


Xi 'an banpo unearthed of animals with cover making button the animal shape, is both practical and good-looking. Henan shan temple ditch bottom unearthed ceramic bird head, shape Like very lively, guess what it is implements the handle. Zhejiang yuyao river, crossing the unearthed an animal form pottery house pigs, the six or seven thousand years ago before the house of ceramic pig image, modelling concise, caught the pig front and hind legs are equal hypertrophy, form characteristics of abdominal ptosis. Unearthed in shandong district beast pot and his zone (guT) (see figure 9) particularly attractive, it is two concise, plain and full of decorative type small animal sculpture. The animal form pottery, most animal abdominal as container, with a mouth as a liquid flow channel, opening a sprue in the back. Conception is very smart , on the basis of the practical pursuit of beautiful shape. This ingenious conception later in shang zhou bronzes got further development.

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